Technology We Can Trust


Accessibility Assistant uses the JavaScript language and well established jQuery library to expose a feature rich interface to web developers. By adding into your HTML the loader.js script from AccessibilityAssistant, the Toolbar and Simple Stream products are installed. For additional hands-on-control developers can use our API to sling JavaScript commands and customize as needed. Alternatively (for non-programmer types) all options can be configured using the Dashboard setup from your account.


Intelligent Design

At the heart of Accessibility Assistant is the powerful cross platform voice engine delivering multiple language voice reading capabilities to your website. Our reader technology performs fast reliable reading of pages and displaying the results of that reading at the top of the page in a time delayed style. People suffering from certain eye and audio problems find this re-enforced contextual reading very useful. The reader inside Accessibility Assistant goes beyond what you would expect from an ordinary reader by negotiating with video / media content to translate closed captions, main phrases and select text to audio.

Optionally customers can elect to be greeted by the customizable Toolbar introduction that explains the user how to use the reader and the available command options including jumping off points to use other assistive features of the toolbar. Advance learning in the Toolbar adheres to your websites navigation and coding structure so that it becomes smarter and tailored to your user base.


Remarkable Interaction

If the reader is the heart than Voice commands are the brains behind Accessibility Assistant. Voice allows users to use verbal instructions to negotiate your website and Accessibility Assistant tools. Voice commands can be customized to fit your website for fast navigation, specific toolbar usage, and to highlight key media and content points of your site.

With Accessibility Assistant Voice assistive technology, website users can navigate completely by voice and have the reader read aloud the key information presented thanks to the Simple Stream toolbar feature. This technology is not a search engine, rather, a programmable interface to allow keywords to initiate commands in your website or toolbar.

Voice commands are sent to our server, translated (by language, than function) to produce an action that is submitted back to the website. Combined the Reader and Voice assistive technology delivers a smooth hands free experience for your website. Developers can interact as needed thanks to the JavaScript interface used by the reader and voice systems.