Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream

There are components to websites and web applications that can't be remedied by readers, toolbars and typical website accessibility changes. For these special situations a bolt-on alternative user interface for disadvantage users is needed. The Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream technology is a fast and easy way to make your site accessible without modifying your website design or code. It works by presenting an accessible simplified dialog that streams in key content and navigation to allow easy use with Accessibility Assistant Toolbar and/or other readers and accessibility features.

For some large websites this process can take years and will bloat the budget to high levels. This is why most projects do not consider accessibility at the design phase putting the business at risk while shutting out customers / users. Websites featuring complex data driven forms or web applications can't be patched easily to suite the stipulations of accessibility. This problem is compounded more when you consider many Intranet and thin-client applications today are a multi-conglomerated set of packages that modification is all but impossible. So a heavy reliance is made on external third-party accessibility readers and tools. Something you can't control and an experience that is less than ideal for the user.

Nearly all shopping cart (eCommerce gateways) suites are not accessible and because they are third-party components your developers can not change them. Building your own customized accessible web cart is a redundant undertaking. Product pages that are dynamically generated from web cart solutions also can not be changed and will make the key assets of your website not accessible and not fixable by your developers.

Using a complex or dynamic site on small mobile devices is also difficult. With the speed and frequency of new phones and devices emerging into the market it's almost impossible to develop your website to be fully desktop and mobile compliant. All of this is made worse by the fact mobile devices have fewer accessibility features than desktop platforms. Very few websites are designed for hands-free use on mobile (voice controlled).

What do all of these scenarios have in common? >> They are situations when accessibility is impossible or reduces the effectiveness and intended design goals for people who do not require accessible content.

Simple Stream

Become 100% accessible without changing your design with a powerful cloud-based website interface alternative.


How It Works

The Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream is powered by the Accessibility Assistant Toolbar. When a page is loaded by the user Simple Stream requests and loads the necessary dialogs for that page. When the page is rendered, Simple Stream injects a dialog that appears above the page requiring them to interact. It can be dismissed and settings are remembered so the user is not annoyed if they elect not to use the system. The Simple Stream dialog system is built in HTML5/JavaScript to easily interact with your website without requiring it to be altered. Users are presented a dialog that should have text and responses. The question/answer style format allows them to make intelligent choices about what they want to do without needing to read and go through an entire page or site.


Simple Stream Includes:




All the feature of Accessibility Assistant Toolbar.




Also integrates and changes the Toolbar greeter to present the Simple Stream options.




Large clean concise text that focuses the point of interaction.




Commands that include a text question followed by an accessible keyboard & voice command for interaction.


No Changes


Requires no changes to your site design or data.




Auto-detection that reads web page content and can stream it into dialogs.


JavaScript API


Can be scripted directly into your website using the Simple Stream JavaScript API.

Server languages

Server languages


Works with your native server side languages for ASP, PHP, CFML and more for inclusion.


The Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream is a practical and powerful addition to your website solving the problem of hands-free access, need for multiple platform mobile accessibility and general accessibility & compliance. Dynamic data drive pages and complex web forms are no longer a barrier to reaching your accessibility needs. No need to redesign your website and over simplify your pages simply to conform to accessible standards. Media rich sites have no alternative because accessibility options are limited. Simple Stream is easy to setup and add to your website without requiring changes. Now all variety of users can interact with your site and services without suffering from the needs of other use cases.

The Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream is frequently improved with those benefits directly pass down to your users at no additional cost. Site owners can elect to remain at key update versions or can remain with auto-update. Since our technology is cloud based all updates only effect our servers and at no time do they change your server or data. We continue to enhance and explore new features that improve website use for various types of disabilities so you don't have to keep up with current trends in accessibility.