Accessibility Assistant has a complete product line to handle all aspects accessibility that include:


Non-intrusive feature rich cross-platform assitive toolbar

Simplified cloud voice controlled interface for special needs

Comprehensive markup & compliance audit tool

Remediation tracking and management system


Verification & Certification program

Monitoring and reporting

Resources, Tips and Guides

Technical support


New or existing websites can begin today.

Hands and netbook

If you are a web developer who wants a quick solution with precision and control the Accessibility Assistant offering is the perfect choice. Our JavaScript enabled API and documentation make it easy to accomplish without becoming an accessibility expert.

Web masters, mangers and non-programmers can also use our Dashboard to easily implement and configure our products.


Assistive Tool For Everyone

Accessibility Assistant Toolbar

A compact and highly flexible website companion that provides something for everyone.

The built in audio reader with voice operated commands harnesses your websites full potential; with hands free operations suitable for all audiences not only those with disabilities. The wide range of technical features including control of text size, contrast, color and more let users negotiate even the most complex of media. Accessibility Assistant Toolbar truly an ingenious addition to your website because it provides a fast layer of usability and accessibility to your website without making any changes to your website design or code. Developers also love the non-intrusive construction that has no plug-ins, add-ons, Flash, or external software to install as it fully integrates into every modern web browser and website using the latest HTML/JavaScript technologies and our custom cloud based voice and translation services.


Clear Message with Fast Results

Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream

Simple Stream

A specialized Accessibility Assistant Toolbar expansion that focuses your users on key information and navigation.

With Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream users are no longer forced to read or click through all the content on a website to discover there intended goal. They are presented directed and familiar responses through a question and answer style design. This unleashes your websites full potential for hands free mobile use as well as for people who rely on audio reading or other assistive technologies. Websites, including most mobile designed variants still require the user to view and engage all the media presented. Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream changes this by presenting an alternative interface directing the user to what they most need. Almost like a search engine it works to locate and complete the tasks most desired without being forced to engage and view all parts of the traditional site. Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream ingenious design requires no changes to your actual website and because it is cloud hosted using HTML/JavaScript it literally floats above the page reading and interacting with the website directly. Both programmer and non-technical audiences can use the Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream Editor to compose and organize there interface. Alternatively coders can choose to use the JavaScript interface to write native commands to stream simple dialogs and integrate there preferred server-side scripts.


Discover Fix & Comply

Accessibility Assistant Site Audit & Compliance Suite (SACS)

A markup, WCAG, Section 508 compliance testing and remediation tool.

This tool is designed identity problems in your websites markup and accessibility conformance, present solutions and manage resolution of the problems. This SAAS tool can analyze one or more pages of your website for a full spectrum analysis and grade. Armed with the results from this audit the tool than assists in remediation, tracking and reporting. This self-served tool means makes it possible to remediate your website without a consultant or use of third-party tools. It also means you don't need to learn and become an accessibility professional but the results will be. When completed the tool also provides a certification program to enable on your website a trusted seal and statement of accessibility. Our certification program helps guide you through several different certifications and provides you our own seal of trust that is not only good marketing but smart public relations.

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