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Online Accessibility

Your one stop solution for achieving Section 508 compliance, broad access for dIsabled users, and quick navigation to key parts of your web resources.

Accessibility Assistant provides a bolt-on voice activated recorder and remediation tools empowering you to do more.


Fast Reliable User Experience

Accessibility Assistant enhances your website by changing how it is accessed and experience.

Accessibility Assistant was developed to assist organizations in making web content accessible and compliant in the most effective, expedient, and economical manner.

The Accessibility Assistant Toolbar assistive technology opens your website to a wide audience of users regardless of the technology they use.

The Accessibility Assistant Simple Stream is a new approach to accessibility that bypasses often complex or inaccessible media rich content with a simple meaningful format. Both the Toolbar and Simple Stream bolt-on to your website without requiring any structured changes.

The Accessibility Assistant Audit & Compliance tool is used to identify and resolve site issues to improve compliance and conformity to common assistive tools.

Simple Stream
Simple Stream
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Like most marketing tools, a website has a specific audience that it aims to capture but it is limited to those which can experience that medium. Why not reach all of your intended audience?

Operating systems such as Windows, OSX and Android have features to enabled alternative access. Web browsers have also added features to aid people of certain disabilities to more easily access the Internet but all of these are highly generalized and inconsistent. Most disabled users face a choice of using a cocktail of third-party software tools that do a better job but they still require someone to first install and setup and they are based on the assumption that content engaged conforms to the specific rules (which almost never happens). Customers want to engage and use your product, don't you want to help them?

Accessibility Assistant is a suite of tools that compliments and extends what you and potential users have. Users visiting your website can instantly engage without installation of software, purchasing or receiving training. A full spectrum suite that end-to-end helps you expand your market, meet regulations and reach your full customer potential. With as many as 1 billion people around the world suffering from a form of disability you can't afford to ignore them. When was the last time marketing was this affordable?

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Take Control Of Accessibility

Accessibility Assistant technology solves accessibility issues and enhances the user

experience, transforming interfaces to be more usable, and more consumable, for more people.

The idea behind "Simple Stream" - it helps to isolate 5-6 key things so the disabled person does not have to drug through all things on the page and massive time. So it streamlines the users experience espeically on highly concentrated sites. It enables a disabled person to access the key functions of your website.


Accessibility Assistant


Embed our script into your website and users have immediate access to your website using audio and voice assistive technology as well as various visual and textual controls. The toolbar features 9 distinct options that cover a wide range of accessibility needs.

Simple Stream

Accessibility Assistant

Simple Stream

Media rich or concentrated sites break the user experience for screen readers and people with limited access. This optional plug-in for our toolbar provides an alternative streamlined question & answer style overlay for navigation, content summary and presentation for almost any web page. No changes to your website is needed.


Accessibility Assistant

Site Audit & Certification

Our full audit tool will identify issues in your site and supply details of the problem, quote the section 508 or WCAG compliance issue as well as provide a means to assign the task, track notes and monitor resolution of the problems. Our certification program will help you maintain and monitor accessibility annually to insure you are kept compliant and current with the latest platforms.

Site Audit & Certification

Test Your Accessibility

Are you a web programmer looking for a quick solution using JavaScript?

Need help deciding and require consultation or a demonstration?


Do you know how accessible your website is?

Test up to 3 pages of your website using our FREE accessibility analysis which tests against W3C, WCAG and Section 508 standards.


Industry Requirements

Public services are required by law to meet a series of regulatory requirements. All education, military, government and healthcare providers must comply with stringent website accessibility while private industry faces litigation that has been increasing yearly. Historically, achieving compliance has been a laborious process reliant on consulting, which can be costly, time-consuming and with minimal business benefit - only focusing on a limited number of disability use cases. Accessibility Assistant offers a certification program aimed at verifying your website conformance and working together to correct any deficiencies. Our method is simple:

  • First Response - Signup and snap-on our assistive toolbar for immediate accessibility response.
  • Audit - We will perform an audit and supply your report of what should be improved.
  • First Response - Monitor and follow up on improvements, craft Simple Stream accessibility, and in some cases can help in programming.
  • Certification - Once compliance has been met we produce a seal of approval placed on your website that signals it conforms to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Are you a government agency or large institution requiring Assisted Auditing & Consultancy?


Ready to get started?

All you have to do is "sign-up" with a FREE account. Signup does not require sensitive information and easy to do from desktop or mobile device. After signup you will receive an email to confirm this signup. Once you open the email, click the link to confirm it was you, than you can login to the Accessibility Assistant Dashboard. Follow the on screen step-by-step configuration and installation to complete. In as little as 5 minutes you can have our toolbar running on your website. Use the main menu above to learn more about our technology and products.